Welcome to the only website dedicated to the Saket Bar Association election

We launched this website as we strongly feel that the current system where candidates campaign extensively going from chamber to chamber encouraging members to vote for them is very inefficient. The members do not get enough time to get to “know the candidate” their profile, experience, vision, etc. Just based on continuous supply of small information cards/flyers we have to decide who to vote for, which is quite a waste of money and paper.


So far the election committee has done a great job sharing information about various candidates and we would like to thank them for trying to holding free and fair election, they are doing such a fabulous job and this website only takes their efforts to another level. 



One of the issues that these candidates face is that many members, especially the ones who do not have chambers in Saket Court complex, miss out on an opportunity to get to “know the candidate”. So after some brainstorming we decided to come with the next best thing, which is to make short videos of each of these candidates and ask each of them same questions that we would have liked to in a debate setting which would help us in getting to know them better. This video by no means is a complete picture about the candidate but a great start in the same process.


Our goal is to provide an UNBIASED platform for ALL CANDIADTES where you can get to “KNOW THE CANDIDATE”, which will help you make an informed decision with regards to who is best suited for the various posts in the bar association election.

Never before have we had the option of getting to know all the candidates contesting the bar association election at the convenience of sitting in your office/chamber while surfing the internet. Now all you have to do is pick the best candidate.


Many a times we complain that good candidates don’t enter bar politics, however we in Saket Court are blessed to have such great candidates to choose from, but if we don’t make an effort to get to know them and more importantly if we don’t go out to vote on 8th December 2017 then we can’t blame anyone else but ourselves for the state our court complex or profession is in. If you wish for the status quo to change and Saket Bar Association to improve even more then you must come out and VOTE. Together we can raise the bar.

Jai Hind!

(p.s: Making videos or websites is not our profession this is a new experience for us hence the videos may look amateurish. We are doing our part, for improving the society and legal fraternity that we are so proud to be a part of, to make it convenient for everyone to get to know the candidates. This entire unbiased effort is completely sponsored by us (fellow advocates) hence no external or corporate influence. Please support our effort and PLS DO VOTE on 8th December 2017, that will make us feel that all my efforts, time, resource and money spent was worth it. Thanks in advance)



www.bar-association-info.com is an information only website providing an unbiased/neutral platform for candidates to share their profile, views, and vision with the voter/members of Saket Bar Association. The source of the information on this website is either the candidates themselves or other electronic and print media sources, hence users may form their opinion based on their respective discretion.

This website does not in any way endorse, promote or recommend any particular candidate or a group of candidates that may be discussed on this site.  We have made all possible efforts to contact all candidates. Information and videos of those candidates who were available and willing are posted here. We encourage the remaining candidates who could not be contacted or who were busy, to please contact the administrator for further inclusion so that they too can use this platform to share their views and vision with the voters.

This is a non-governmental, non-corporate, non-commercial and privately funded effort to bring to the voter’s information about various candidates. This website has been created in public interest and with no other motive, financial or otherwise. The publisher/creator of this website is not responsible for material posted on this website and does not guarantee the content, accuracy or use of the content on this website; and is not accountable or liable or responsible for any damage that may arise from the use of this website.  All liability for claims or damages that may result from any posting on this site is hereby specifically disclaimed, and we accept no responsibility for the opinions and information posted on this forum, and such opinions do not necessarily reflect our policies.  In no event shall we be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken by you in reliance on information on this site.”